Who We Are

Photo credit: CDC Influenza Division

The Global Funders Consortium for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development was established in 2017 as a convener of organizations and governments that fund research and development of universal influenza vaccines along with key stakeholder to accelerate progress in the field.  The consortium in intended to accomplish this by helping to create a common landscape of the field through open dialogue, identifying critical knowledge and funding gaps, and coordinating members investments around a common vision.  The Task Force for Global Health serves as the Secretariat and convener of the Consortium, which was established through funding from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  The Consortium is intended to be a mechanism to bring together the latest data and progress in the field to maximize the opportunities for impactful and efficient investments going forward.

Our Mission

The Consortium’s goal is to accelerate the development and availability of broadly protective influenza vaccines, thereby reducing the global burden and risk from seasonal and pandemic influenza.

The members of the Consortium operate in partnership under the assumptions that:

Development and deployment of influenza vaccines with broader and more durable immunity are critically needed to address the current public health burden and vaccine administration challenges.

Future investments could be made more wisely if stakeholders had an accurate and common operating picture of the field, and were better coordinated around a common vision.

The Consortium’s Objectives include:

  • Provide a mechanism for open sharing of information about ongoing investments, strategic plans, institutional perspectives and challenges, and learnings among organizations engaged in funding research and development related to “universal influenza vaccines.”
  • Identify critical challenges and knowledge gaps which are likely to delay progress in the field.
  • Facilitate collaborative approaches to address the challenges and accelerate progress, guided by a common vision.
  • Use the voice of the Consortium to raise awareness of the importance of the work and opportunities in the field to encourage additional funders to enter the field.

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